Sage Prevalon TAP 2.0

Turn and position system

Turn and position patients safely and reduce the risk factors for skin injury.

Sage Turn and Position Systems (TAP) 2.0

This system is designed to stay under the patient at all times so it’s always ready to assist with turning, repositioning, and boosting the patient. This makes it possible for nurses and staff to achieve compliance to q2 turning protocols while providing the best care and minimizing stress on the patient.

  • 30º Body and Anchor Wedge System helps maintain a natural side lying position, offloads the sacrum, minimizes patient migration down the bed, and reduces the need for boosting

  • M² Microclimate Body Pad effectively absorbs and locks in moisture to protect patient’s skin while allowing air to flow through

  • Orange Boost Straps promote proper body mechanics and reduce reliance on grip strength

  • Low-Friction Glide Sheet works with the 30° Body and Anchor Wedge System to reduce friction and shear

  • Dermasuede material on the glide sheet grips the microclimate body pad to keep it in place

  • Black Positioning Handles assist with quick, gentle micro-turns to position the patient at the appropriate angle

Implementation support

Training video