Sage Prevalon SPS

Seated positioning system

Designed to promote early patient mobility and reduce risk factors for injury.

Sage Seated Positioning System (SPS)

Sitting in the bedside chair is an important part of the recovery process – but it can also increase the risk of sacral pressure injuries, slouching, and discomfort. The system helps address these issues while reducing friction and shear – proven risk factors for pressure injuries. Boosting and repositioning patients in the chair can also put nurses and caregivers at risk for injury. This system provides an easy option for clinicians to safely glide patients to an optimal upright-seated position without lifting. It’s uniquely engineered to keep the seated patient in place, minimizing the need for repetitive boosting and repositioning. By promoting comfort and confidence, the system may improve patient compliance to chair sitting.

  • One-way glide sheet resists forward movement, reducing friction and shear

  • Multi-chamber air cushion redistributes pressure and provides comfort and security while allowing your patient to comfortably shift in the chair

  • Microclimate Management Pad contains and absorbs fluid to protect your patients’ skin while allowing air to flow through

  • Multi-grip handles help promote proper posture and body mechanics for nurses and caregivers

Implementation support

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