Ultra Registry

Treat small aneurysms confidently

The ULTRA Registry is an investigator-initiated prospective, multicenter US registry of patients with small (≤5mm) intracranial aneurysms treated exclusively with Target Ultra and Nano Detachable Coils led by Dr. Gaurav Jindal at the University of Maryland.

Ultra Registry

The evidence is undeniable

At Stryker, our excellence is backed by evidence. When working in small intracranial aneurysms, the ULTRA Registry – an investigator initiated study involving 100 patients – showed that Target Ultra Detachable Coils and Target Nano Detachable Coils had zero coilrelated complications. For ruptured or unruptured aneurysms, Target Detachable Coils demonstrated safety and effectiveness—and the evidence proves it.

Primary endpoints:
Target aneurysm occlusion and recurrence rates

Secondary endpoints:
Device and/or procedure related adverse events, aneurysm
hemorrhage intraoperatively or during follow-up

Mean aneurysm size 3.5 x 3.0 x 2.8mm
Wide neck aneurysms
(Dome-to-neck <2.0)
Average # of coils 2.9 coils
Average packing density 34.3%


infographic with people

Mean age of 56 years | 75% female

◼ 48 ruptured      ◼ 52 unruptured

0 coil related complications  0 intraoperative aneurysm ruptures  0 known post-operative aneurysm ruptures  0 crossover to clipping

Raymond l & ll

at one year

"Target Ultra and Nano Coils are outstanding in both safety profile and intraoperative reliability. I’m confident treating small aneurysms with these coils."

Dr. Gaurav Jindal

Data presented as an ePoster at SNIS 2021, manuscript pending journal submission. Presentation available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c4gbq8JMH2U
The Ultra Registry was an Investigator sponsored research study, funded by a research grant from Stryker.

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