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Valuation and adjustment of your accounts
The Trustee will calculate the value of your accounts as of each business day ("valuation date"). The value of your accounts is the total of your investments in the Stryker Stock Fund and each of the other investment funds. Other than the various types of contributions that are credited to your accounts, the following events will also change the value of your accounts:
  • Distributions. If you receive a distribution or withdrawal, the account or accounts from which it is made are reduced by the amount of the distribution.
  • Investment results. As of each valuation date, the Trustee will calculate the value of the investment funds. You should note that the value may increase or decrease and your accounts will be adjusted accordingly. You will receive a quarterly statement that will state both the value of your interest in each investment fund and the total value of your accounts.
  • Expenses. Investment management fees are paid by the investment funds to which they relate. In addition, accounts are charged with their share of Plan administration expenses that are paid by the Plan. Administrative expenses deducted from your accounts will appear on your quarterly statements.
  • Loans. If you receive a hardship loan, the account or accounts from which it is made will be reduced by the amount of the loan. Your account or accounts will be increased as you make payments of principal and interest on the loan.
  • Forfeitures. If you resign or are dismissed before you are fully vested, you will not receive the full amount in your accounts. The portion of your accounts in which you are not vested is "forfeited" and used to reduce the Company's matching contributions.
When your active participation in the Plan ends, you will no longer share in the Company's matching contributions. However, as long as you have not yet received the full amount in your accounts, your accounts will still be adjusted for expenses, investment earnings, gains and losses as well as for distributions.