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Diabetes services
Diabetes self-management and training/diabetic eye exams/foot care
Outpatient self-management training for the treatment of diabetes, education and medical nutrition therapy services. Services must be ordered by a physician and provided by appropriately licensed or registered health care professionals.
Benefits also include medical eye exams (dilated retinal exams) and preventive foot care for diabetes.
Diabetic self-management items
Insulin pumps and supplies and continuous glucose monitors for the management and treatment of diabetes, based upon your medical needs. An insulin pump is subject to all the conditions of coverage stated under durable medical equipment (DME). Benefits for blood glucose meters, insulin syringes with needles, blood glucose and urine test strips, ketone test strips and tablets and lancets and lancet devices are covered as outpatient prescription drugs
Prior authorization requirement
For out-of-network benefits you must obtain prior authorization from UnitedHealthcare before obtaining any durable medical equipment for the management and treatment of diabetes that exceeds $1,000 in cost (either retail purchase cost or cumulative retail rental cost of a single item). If you fail to obtain prior authorization as required, benefits will be subject to a $400 penalty.