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Your Control Center in the Operating Room
SwitchPoint Infinity 3 | SwitchPoint Infinity 3 Lite

Stryker’s SwitchPoint Infinity 3 is the central point for managing your OR video and surgical devices. The intuitive interface allows you to easily control your Operating Room through features like one touch routing and video multi-viewing capabilities. Powered by SORN, Stryker’s comprehensive system for remote device management, the SwitchPoint Infinity 3 allows Stryker to respond proactively, keeping the system ready to operate whenever you are.

Surgical Timeout Checklist
Engage team members during surgical time-outs by broadcasting a pre-surgical checklist to all monitor screens.
Split Screen and Quad View
Display up to four video sources for viewing multiple modalities on a single monitor.
KVM Control
Access and control OR computers using a single keyboard and mouse, saving space and reducing clutter.
Customizable Presets
Save and preview frequently used room configurations to reduce turn-around time and expedite room setup.
Centralized Suite Control
Control compatible Stryker surgical equipment from the touch panel to perform tasks and assist team members from a single location.
Teleconference from the OR
Bridge the distance between sites across campus or locations abroad using IP and baseband video-conferencing features.