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Flyte Suit
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Flyte Personal Protection System

At Stryker, we've devoted 15 years to pioneering research and development in personal protection for medical environments. The Flyte Suit combines all of this into a revolutionary system of personal protection and support for healthcare specialists. Originally developed to support orthopaedic procedures, personal protection equipment has evolved to support a variety of healthcare specialties that demand a high degree of protection, comfort and confidence.

The Flyte Suit's breakthrough design combines superior comfort and support with high levels of protection against contamination, exposure to infectious bodily fluids, and transfer of microorganisms and particulate matter. In addition, the Flyte Suit's integrated illumination and communication features provide cutting edge enhancements aimed towards improving surgical environment. 

Features & Benefits

Lighter, stronger, and more comfortable than any personal protection system we've ever designed. Key advantages include:

Flyte Helmet

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