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Stryker Neuroflex



Neuroflex, the only flexible Type 1 Collagen Conduit on the market, is designed to create a protective environment for axonal growth across a nerve gap that is 2.5cm or less. Neuroflex maintains all of the characteristics of Stryker’s first nerve repair product, NeuroMatrix, including being fully resorbable and semi-permeable, but with the potential benefit of being kink-resistant up to 60°.1,2 Like NeuroMatrix, Neuroflex allows for a tensionless repair and comes in a variety of sizes. Neuroflex is manufactured by Collagen Matrix, Inc. in Franklin Lakes, NJ.

Features & Benefits

Stryker Corporation or its divisions or other corporate affiliated entities own, use or have applied for the following trademark(s) or service mark(s): Neuroflex. All other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners or holders.


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