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Stryker Patient Handling Equipment

Featured Product

InTouch Critical Care Bed

As your needs continue to evolve in the ICU, Stryker is here for you. Designed to assist in the prevention of patient falls, pressure ulcers and VAP, the InTouch Critical Care bed truly represents a higher standard of care in the ICU.

Features and Benefits:

  • Multi-function foot end touch screen
  • iBed Awareness Smart Bed Monitoring System
  • Chaperone Bed Exit Alarm
  • Protocol Reminders
  • Spoken Translations in 24 Languages
  • On-board Sound Therapy
  • Stryker's XPRT and PositionPro Surfaces can be semi-integrated
  • Industry's first USB upgradeable bed
  • Zoom Motorized Drive System

InTouch Critical Care Bed
InTouch Critical Care BedZoom Motorized Drive SystemIntuitive Touch Screen ControlsiBed Awareness Smart Bed Monitoring

Featured Product

Power-PRO XT

Stryker’s industry-leading powered ambulance cot answers the need for emergency transport that dramatically reduces strenuous lifting and the associated risk of back injury. Power-PRO features Stryker’s innovative powered hydraulic lift to raise and lower patients with the touch of a ...

Features and Benefits:

  • Innovative Operation
  • Unprecedented Maneuverability
  • Unsurpassed Safety and Stability
  • Superior Ergonomics
  • Rugged Reliability
  • For more information on this product please click here.

Power-PRO XT
Power-PRO XTFoot End Controls