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Stryker Prime TC Transport Chairs

Prime TC Transport Chair
Prime TC Transport Chair
Prime TC Transport ChairPrime TC with Flip-Up Footrests DownPrime TC Patient AccessPrime TC sideviewPrime TC Upright O2 Tank HolderPrime TC AccessoriesDesigned by Stryker and Michael Graves Design Group
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Prime TC Product Description

When it comes to the patient experience, details matter. That is why every aspect of the Prime TC Transport Chair is designed to create a welcoming and safe environment that speaks volumes to caregivers, patients and their family members. Obvious touchpoints help make operation intuitive for all users. BackSmart ergonomics have been incorporated into the design to reduce the bending and reaching associated with caregiver injury. A rigid frame helps enhance durability while reducing the risk of theft. This investment in the well-being of patients and caregivers tells them you care about their comfort and safety – it tells them that they matter.

Features & Benefits