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Stryker Overbed Tables

Tru-Fit Overbed Table with Storage Compartment
Tru-Fit Overbed Table with Storage Compartment
Tru-Fit Overbed Table with Storage CompartmentTru-Fit Split Top Overbed TableTru-Fit Overbed Table Storage CompartmentTru-Fit Single Top Overbed Table with VanityTru-Fit Single Top Overbed Table without Vanity
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Tru-Fit Overbed Tables

A sleek and versatile award-winning design.

Features & Benefits

U-Shaped Base
Low-profile, U-shaped base provides maximum versatility.

Optional Storage
Optional add-on compartments provide additional storage space.

Dura-Edge protects the table and contains spills.

Award-Winning Design
The Tru-Fit Overbed Table, which is an award-winning design, easily slides under beds, stretchers and mobile recliners. Available in several laminate and base colors, Stryker single-top and split-top overbed tables coordinate with any room décor.

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