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Stryker Bioabsorbable

XCEL Anchor with Force Fiber
XCEL Anchor with Force Fiber
XCEL Anchor with Force FiberStrength When It Matters MostBioZip Anchor With Force Fiber

Bioabsorbable Anchors

Stryker offers several options in bioabsorbable anchors. Easier pull-out and insertion make the XCEL Anchor a great bioabsorbable solution for glenoid applications.

The 5mm and 6.5mm BioZip Absorbable Suture Anchors offer excellent fixation and suture management for open and arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs. The double-helix thread design and trocar tip inserter allow for outstanding purchase in all types of bone.

Both XCEL Anchors and BioZip Anchors are available with Force Fiber or Braided Polyester Suture.

Features & Benefits

Key advantages include:
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