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Stryker Cross-Pin Instrumentation

The Latest In Femoral Fixation
The Latest In Femoral Fixation
The Latest In Femoral FixationStrong Precise Femoral FixationTrans-Femoral Fixation

Cross-Pin Instrumentation

The Soft Tissue Femoral Fixation System provides the latest technology in femoral fixation for soft tissue allografts and autografts. The Stryker Cross-Pin System offers the sports medicine surgeon a more simple and secure method for ACL reconstruction utilizing soft tissue grafts.

The implant comes in Titanium and Biosteon (HA/PLLA) material and the instrumentation is calculation free. Insertion of the cross-screw is over a rigid guide, helping to ensure accurate placement while the graft is pulled into place along its axis, allowing a tight tunnel-to-graft interface.

Biosteon is a registered trademark of Biocomposites, Ltd.

Features & Benefits

The Cross-Pin System comes with a complete set of components:
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