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Stryker Soft Tissue Repair


TissueMend Soft Tissue Repair Matrix

Soft Tissue Repair

TissueMend Soft Tissue Repair Matrix is an acellular collagen membrane used to augment the repair and reinforcement of soft tissues. It serves as a scaffold for cellular ingrowth that is gradually remodeled by the body's own tissues. The TissueMend scaffold provides a biologic environment to help the tendon heal and fortify the tissue until it has completed the healing process.

TissueMend Soft Tissue Repair Matrix

Composed of pure, non-denatured collagen, TissueMend is indicated for tendon repair surgery, including reinforcement of the rotator cuff, patella, achilles, biceps, quadriceps, or other tendons. TissueMend may be used in both open and arthroscopic applications.

Features & Benefits

By combining physical properties, strength and thickness with biological properties that encourage cell and blood vessel penetration, the TissueMend collagen matrix can manage the vigorous demands of soft tissue repair.

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