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Stryker Accolade II

Accolade II Stem
Accolade II Stem
Accolade II StemAccolade IIAccolade IIAccolade II Wedge Stems

Accolade II

Accolade II is a tapered wedge stem that has been designed to fit more patients while accommodating a variety of surgical approaches.1,2* It is the first Morphometric Wedge design. This is characterized by a size specific medial curvature that fits a broad range of bone sizes and shapes found in today’s patient population.1,2* The demand for tapered wedge hip systems has increased substantially year after year3 and the average age of the total hip replacement recipient has been declining.4,10 Accolade II was designed to address this changing patient population through a proprietary technology called SOMA.1,2


Stryker Orthopaedics Modeling and Analytics system, or SOMA, is a proprietary population-based design environment that is changing the way implants are designed. SOMA features a large database of bone morphology – size, shape, density, and inner and outer cortical boundaries – drawn from diverse populations. It has powerful functionality with which to design, model, and analyze novel orthopedic devices. SOMA was fundamental in the development of the Accolade II Femoral Hip System.




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