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Stryker Cranial Navigation Software and Instrumentation

Fully Automated Patient Registration Mask
Fully Automated Patient Registration Mask
Fully Automated Patient Registration MaskiNtellect Cranial Navigation SoftwareiNtellect Cranial Navigation SoftwareShunt Placement Tool

iNtellect Cranial Navigation Software

The Stryker iNtellect Cranial Navigation Software offers a comprehensive solution to integrate innovative image-guided surgery into current conventional neurosurgical practices. A vast number of easy-to-use planning options are available. Image sets are automatically fused by the software and critical anatomical structures can be visualized with only a few mouse clicks. Stryker’s navigation instruments function as part of a total neuronavigation solution to help deliver superior accuracy, ease of use, rapid registration and a wider field of view to minimize line-of-sight issues.

Features & Benefits

The Stryker iNtellect Cranial Navigation System is designed to be efficient, versatile and easy to use in any neuro surgery.  Key advantages include:

AIM (Automatic Intraoperative Mask) auto registration using scanned mask

- Universal - works with every intra-operative CT device

- Automatic - no integration or calibration required

- Fast and highly accurate - no planning required

No-Fly Zones based on segments and annotation points

- Audible/visual collision warning; supports safety margin

Full screen navigation

- Larger visualization of images during navigation

Full volume visualization with user defined segments

- Easier and more intuitive to get complete 3D compositions

Analyze 7 image data import supported

Intra-operative 2D and 3D image tools

- Allows for intra-operative adjustments without returning to planning

Improved active tool visualization

- 3D virtual tip is great guidance and aiming tool

- 3D perpendicular cut for intuitive virtual surgery simulations