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Stryker Design.Equip.Connect.


As an industry leader, Stryker is the only company that applies these elements to create a complete continuum of products and services essential to modernizing patient care environments.


The most important step in the process is the first step:
Planning and Designing the new environment. Establishing goals, timelines and deliverables is a daunting task. Stryker has the tools and resources in place to assist in this critical process.

  • ByDesign 3D design tool
  • Project Manager and Engineers
  • Planning and Design Team
  • Clinical Expertise and Vendor Relationships


Equipping patient care environments requires a comprehensive platform to meet all their unique needs. Stryker is the only company to provide equipment for all major elements of an integrated room.

  • Video
  • Integration
  • Workflow
  • Booms
  • Lights
  • Tables


Stryker offers solutions that connect the OR to your entire enterprise. Connecting platforms through product, support and performance data.

To learn more about specific Design.Equip.Connect. products and services, reference the Connectivity and Integration and Room Design Solutions pages.