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Stryker Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator

Angeled Sonopet Hand Piece
Angeled Sonopet Hand Piece
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Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator

The Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator is a versatile system for precise control of soft tissue while simultaneously allowing fine bone dissection in close proximity to delicate structures. The Sonopet Ultrasonic Aspirator, with its simplistic set up, delivers precise fragmentation, while allowing users to independently control power, suction, and irrigation with one handpiece. Patented LT technology, which is offered on a variety of tips, is a true synergy of control and efficiency.

Features & Benefits

Key advantages include:

Proprietary LT Technology:

Longitudinal + Torsional Vibration

Sonopet is the only ultrasonic aspirator to effectively address fine bone/hard tissue dissection by coupling torsional oscillation and longitudinal vibration.

Stryker's patented technology, combined with precise control and an ergonomically designed handpiece, make it possible to emulsify bone with no grabbing or kicking due to non-rotational reciprocating motion, which is common amongst conventional technology.


Hand Piece Advantages:



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