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Stryker 1188 HD Autoclavable Camera

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1188 HD Autoclavable 3-Chip Camera

As a new addition to Stryker’s HD family, the 1188 High Definition Autoclavable 3-Chip camera offers the same durable, ergonomic camera head that can now be steam sterilized for quick turnaround and better OR efficiency.
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With nine preset surgical specialties and the ability to display both HDTV and HD aspect ratios from one camera system, the 1188 High Definition Autoclavable 3-Chip camera continues to offer optimum surgical images and standardization within the OR.

Features & Benefits:

  • Dual aspect ratio: HDTV and HD
  • Laser welded titanium seal design
  • Optimum surgical brightness
  • Seamless integration with existing video equipment
  • Four programmable buttons for easy control
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