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Stryker MiniLap Instruments

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MiniLap Graspers

Stryker's new MiniLap line offers one-of-a-kind ultra minimally invasive laparoscopic instruments. These instruments allow for access and instrumentation in one precision-crafted laparoscopic device.

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Designed with percutaneous capabilities, MiniLap instruments are 2.3 mm in diameter and offer both surgeon and patient benefits. The access insertion needle allows for time-saving entry into the abdominal cavity and also eliminates single incision closure at the end of each procedure.

MiniLap's ultra slim design and incisionless entry capabilities can help reduce patient scarring.

The stainless steel instrumentation tip and stabilizing pivot disk provide maximum strength to secure, retract and manipulate human tissue and organs. Available in multiple tip styles. MiniLap instruments can be used for percutaneous access in a wide variety of laparoscopic procedures.

Features & Benefits

Stryker’s MiniLap instruments provide access and instrumentation in one:

  • No surgical incision closure necessary
  • Percutaneous entry into abdominal cavity
  • Improved cosmesis
  • Retention of abdominal pressure
  • Available in four commonly used tip configurations
  • Self-sealing without compromising insufflation pressure
  • Entry-depth control through retention and pivot disc