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Stryker CrossFlow Arthroscopy Pump

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CrossFlow Integrated Arthroscopy Pump

Stryker’s CrossFlow Integrated Arthroscopy Pump combines high end performance and resection integration to create one of the most leading edge fluid management systems on the market. CrossFlow is the ideal solution for users seeking simplicity and versatility, while never compromising performance.
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Features & Benefits

Best in Class Performance

  • ReconiSense Technology: While other pumps provide minimal coordination with resection devices, CrossFlow provides true integration with Stryker shavers and RF by optimizing the suction rates for each disposable
  • On-Demand Assistance: A built-in intelligence system provides users with "how-to" in instructions for each console feature and function
  • LowFlow software is designed to optimize performance with more immediate response times to pressure and flow changes in the joint

Platform Versatility

  • CrossFlow can be operated in inflow only or inflow/outflow mode and comes equipped with a hand control and customizable footswitch
  • The Wash function allows for a customized, quick increase in pressure and flow to clear debris, control bleeding, and improve visualization in the joint. 
  • The Clear function is designed for quick dismissal and flushing of debris from the joint. It increases flow only while not increasing pressure
  • The Hot Swap function allows the user to switch the scope/hardware combination being used during the case, without recalibrating the pump
  • The Drain function removes fluid from the surgical site for 30 seconds, or until the user stops the pump
  • The Vacuum function allows the surgeon to use the shaver, without activating it, to remove loose tissue, debris, and fluid from the joint while the pump is operating