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What’s New at Stryker NYSE: SYK

Stryker’s SurgiCount Safety Sponge System announces its risk sharing and indemnification program

The Promise. Despite efforts by hospitals nationwide, retained surgical items (RSIs) continue to be the #1 reported surgical never event. Nearly 70% of all RSIs...

Stryker Performance Solutions Launches Episode Performance Manager™

Stryker Performance Solutions (SPS), the business unit of Stryker's Reconstructive Division that partners with hospitals and healthcare providers to help improve quality outcomes, patient satisfaction and profitability in the orthopaedic segment, ...

Stryker Unveils Game-Changing Soft Tissue Technology With SonicAnchor™

Stryker's Foot & Ankle business unit today announced its new soft tissue solution, SonicAnchor™, the only implant in the U.S. market that utilizes ultrasonic energy to liquefy and flow into cancellous bone, is now available nationwide for suture o...

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Advancing Together

Meet Nora . As a third-year college student, Nora has a lot to live for, with hopes of traveling the world and helping others. But her dreams were put in jeopardy in June 2015 when she suffered an ischemic stroke. Please visit the 2015 Annual Review interactive website to learn about the team that contributed to Nora’s treatment, the innovative Stryker product used and what Nora is up to today. The website also features a video message from Kevin Lobo, financial highlights, many of our newest...

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