Board of Directors

Stryker Board of Directors

At the forefront of our organization is a winning team that measures the success of the Company not only by financial growth, but by how well we meet our own high standards of accountability. Together, the Board of Directors combines education, experience and a rich history of commitment to Stryker in making decisions that benefit our Company, our shareholders, and ultimately, the lives of the patients we serve.

Chairman Emeritus

William U. Parfet
Non-Executive Chairman
Director since 1993
Howard E. Cox, Jr.
Director since 1974
Srikant M. Datar, Ph.D.
Director Since 2009
Dr. Roch Doliveux
Director since 2010
Louise L. Francesconi
Director since 2006
Allan C. Golston
Director since 2011
Kevin A. Lobo
Director since 2012
Andrew K. Silvernail
Director since 2013
Ronda E. Stryker
Director since 1984