Stryker Triathlon

Triathlon CR Knee Replacement Components
Triathlon CR Knee Replacement Components
Triathlon CR Knee Replacement ComponentsTriathlon Instrument Case

Triathlon Total Knee Replacement System


The Triathlon Knee System is designed to meet patients’ expectations for Lifestyle Recovery. The intuitive and evolutionary design is predicated on the worldwide clinical success of millions of Stryker knee implantations. The Triathlon Knee System is designed to provide patients more natural motion and the potential for greater implant longevity. The Triathlon Knee is an evolutionary design developed to more closely reproduce natural knee motion, designed to provide mobility with stability through 150+ degrees of flexion.


The Triathlon Knee System Instrumentation has been developed based on Stryker’s 30 year orthopaedic history. The system combines the engineering expertise of Human Factors Engineers with the experience of surgeons and OR staff worldwide. The Triathlon Knee System Instrumentation provides optimal OR efficiency and intra-operative flexibility through an Orthonomic design.

Features & Benefits


Improved Motion1

Better Fit2

Reduced Wear3 / Potential for Greater Implant Longevity



The Triathlon Knee System Instrumentation design team focused on identifying ways to increase the accuracy and simplicity of the surgical procedure; two variables that may affect OR efficiency.

The features incorporated include:


The proprietary instrumentation design also delivers intra-operative flexibility. The following features accommodate surgical preferences and help surgeons adapt to multiple surgical realities

Orthonomic Features

The Triathlon Knee System Instrumentation is designed to be the new gold standard in the industry. Advanced design principles incorporating Orthonomic features include:

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